Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Man for All Seasons

After the pending of nine months in Mrs. Collins’s religion classes there are certain things that I have come to expect. The thing like word cards, calendars, and not an excruciatingly large amount of homework. Comparing to the last 2 months in her class and also, she assigned us a book to read in class and at home. This thing too becomes an alteration from our regular day to day religious teaching.
Through out, I thought A Man for All Seasons was an excellently written play although it lacked some important aspects I think a play or game should have in order to capture an audience of my age group. First consideration is and most prominent in my opinion is excitement or action. Second consideration is the characters in the play were not ones I believed the majority of the congregation could connect or relate with. The final consideration is there were certain characters in the book I felt could have used more developing in the area of character.
Even though the book A Man for All Seasons had some minor setbacks (in my personal opinion), I did feel it was a play written with excellent quality for the enjoyment of the reader. Moreover is then indicted by men of the king and hanged for high treason. The think or thought which is considered hard for some people to relate to the fact of how wealthy these people really were. And also we cannot conjecture the hardship of Sir Thomas More when he resigns from his duty of office.


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