Monday, August 25, 2008

Mineral based industry

The State being a rich reserve of mineral resources, it has an immense potential for the growth of mining and mineral based industries. The important minerals available in the State are coal, iron ore, limestone, copper ore, bauxite, pyrite, china clay, kyanite, fine clay, dolomite, graphite, bentonite, soap stone, quartz sand and silica sand. Given this, there are numerable opportunities for the investors, in the following areas:-

Iron ore (export potential); Steel production; Sponge iron plant; Cement plant; Graphite electrodes and graphite powder; Granite (export Potential); Chemicals and fertilizers; Bleaching powder, calcium carbide and lime related chemicals; Ground mica, mica bricks and electrical appliances; etc.

The State Government has been making all efforts to attract investment into this industry. These include, simplification of the procedures with respect to grant of mining leases; provision of certain relief to make mining activities easier; suitable steps for adoption of state of art technology in mining; etc.


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