Monday, October 16, 2006

Need to go to university

There may be many reasons why I would like to go to university. In my visit, I liked the campus and I met some great people. I also feel that the university is a good school for me because it surrounds me with people with the same interests and goals as myself.
I was a hockey player since I was six years old, and it has become part of my life. While attending university, I would like to continue playing, so this was another reason why I am hoping to be accepted here. In those four years of high school hockey I learned that winning wasn’t everything in fact; it was being a by-product of hard work.
Another one hobby of mine during high school was music. I have learned to play guitar at the age of nine, and played in the orchestra at school until my immature year. The reason behind quitting the orchestra was to create more room in my schedule for other classes such as Integrated Computer Literacy Education, Strength and Conditioning, Microsoft Office Professional and also the Desktop Publishing.
I was having good leadership skills, and I was good at helping other people work through their problems.
I felt that university is the right school for me, because it has everything I want. In the high school my hockey team wasn’t that strong and we didn’t win many games.


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